The area surrounding the ranch is steeped in history. Among the historic landmarks nearby is Christ Church, a celebrated log church near Millarville, about a 15-minute drive east from the ranch. This hamlet also boasts a well-attended Saturday farmer’s market, historic horse races and a number of amenities, including a general store, post office, gas station, library and school.

The valleys stretching west and south of Millarville to Turner Valley and Black Diamond were seasonal hunting grounds for the area’s indigenous peoples. Archeological discoveries of spear heads and campsites indicate these lands were frequented by First Nations tribes whose respect for the land and its resources was continued into the last century by the Peigan, Kootenai and Stoney Nations.

To instill this same respect for the irreplaceable environment, some Square Butte owners have erected teepees on their land and had them blessed in a traditional native ceremony led by Blackfoot elder Rufus Good striker.

This place is timeless and there is an awareness here of our role in its care and preservation.