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Trail Riding and Diversity

At Square Butte Ranch we have a combination of owner horses and access to great horses for all levels of riders from our managed horse program provider, Moose Mountain.

We have access to over 1,000,000 acres of private and public land to ride and enjoy. This diverse land offers a seldom seen variety of scenery and terrain resulting in a broad range of climates and biodiversity. With close to 500,000 acres to explore you will seldom ride the same trail twice or feel crowded.

Owners that have horses boarded at the ranch, enjoy knowing that their horses are on a daily basis: inspected, watered, fed, pasture rotated by full time knowledgeable wranglers. Don’t own a horse, yet would like to experience all the joys of grooming, trail rides, lessons, clinics.. No problem. We have 5-7 experienced horses for all levels of riders available for owners and tenants to book at their convenience.

Endless riding opportunities…

We have a number of trail rides ranging from 1 to 7 hours or more in the saddle. Some will be new trails we are exploring. Your wrangler will be more the happy to accommodate your requests.

Riding Expectations

When riding out we consider the different levels of riders and their expectations. We also look at such things as the character of horse and rider, light handed or heavy handed riders, athletic ability, etc.
If you are an advanced rider and some members of your family, friends or partners are beginning or novice rider, we will make sure they also have a great time.

When riding together we will always adapt the level of riding to the least experienced rider in your group or family to keep the ride safe and enjoyable. However the advanced or intermediate riders can always book individually for more challenging rides. Advanced, intermediate and beginning riders will sometimes ride the same trails but the riding speed and type of horses will be different. This makes it fun for all participants as they enjoy the same experience, however adapted to the different riding levels.