History Square Butte Ranch; Past, Present and Future

19th Century Lifestyle… 21st Century Luxury – Luxurious Western homes in a working Ranch setting.

This is how the concept of Square Butte Ranch was presented by its developers in the 1990’s when they started transforming 480 acres of rangeland in the Foothills of the Rockies into a recreational ranch property operated as a bare land condominium. Architectural guidelines ensured that all buildings were designed in a rustic, western style featuring log and timber structures with large front porches, wrap around decks and hitching posts. The vision was one of owners being able to enjoy the fun and excitement of a western ranch living without the headaches.

Today’s reality is all that and more. The beautiful landscape of rolling hills, forests of spruce and poplar, babbling brooks and still ponds is still there as are the horses, peacefully grazing in the pastures. In addition to that, the property is now managed by a professional Management Company taking direction from the Board of Directors. Full time maintenance staff is on site to look after cleaning, landscaping, keeping roads and pathways in good shape all year round, maintaining fences, and performing necessary repairs. Ranch staff is also available to perform house checks in the owners’ absence and arrange for services such as window washing, chimney sweeping, snow clearing, etc.

New to Square Butte Ranch is having our horse program managed by Moose Mountain Horseback Adventures. A local, well-established provider of pack trips, day rides, riding lessons and other horseback adventures, Moose Mountain is providing the daily care for all boarded horses and their staff may be called upon to exercise owners’ horses and provide other services as required. In addition, a small herd of Moose Mountain horses resides at Square Butte and a wrangler and horses are available for booking for individual or group rides and lessons. While the horses have always been a focal point for recreational activities at Square Butte Ranch, there is an abundance of non-riding activities available; hiking, mountain biking, fishing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, etc. Only the beautiful Alberta sky is the limit!